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Professional Duct Cleaning -  Rocket Cooling AC Repair -  Jensen Beach  

Poor indoor air quality is often caused by a build up of contaminate traveling through  your air conditioning and HVAC systems

Homes and offices with dirty ducts will inevitably expose family or staff to unknowingly breath harmful pollutants causing sinuses, lung irritation and other symptoms  having a negative impact on ones health making them susceptible to other illness. 


Dirty ducts  force the units to work harder to cool and heat resulting in higher energy bills, increase in repair costs  and significantly decrease the longevity of the unit.


The air duct cleaning process includes a thorough cleaning of

  • Handler

  • Grilles

  • Registers

  • Fans

  • Motors

  • Coils

  • Housing 


Rocket Cooling's  experienced technicians will professionally repair and clean your air ducts of dust and contaminants.  They are up to date with all of the latest procedures and carry the most current equipment.

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"I never knew how important it is to keep the ducts clean.  Thank you Rocket Cooling ! 

“When I saw the build up that was removed from the duct work I was shocked .  I noticed an improvement in the air quality immediately . I

have an appointment for them to clean the ducts at the office 

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